A Tourist’s Guide to the Famous Places and Attractions of Bahawalpur


Famous Places and Attractions of Bahawalpur: Have you always wanted to travel to a destination that was both exotic and full of history? Are you looking for ancient monuments, architecture, and traditional foods? Then it’s time to book your tickets for Bahawalpur!

If you’re not familiar with this exciting city in the Punjab region of Pakistan, let me give you a quick tour. This charming town has been around since the 1700s, originally founded as a princely state by Nawab Bahawal Khan Abbasi I. Since then it has been known by many names, including “Desert of Five Gateways,” and today features an array of attractions, from historical forts and mosques to scenic parks and bustling bazaars.

You don’t have to be an experienced traveler to enjoy Bahawalpur—in fact, all you need is an adventurous spirit! In this guide, I’ll explore some of the unique places in Bahawalpur that make it such a great destination so that by the end of this article you’ll have all the tools necessary to plan a memorable trip.

Introduction to the Historic City of Bahawalpur

Are you thinking of taking a trip to Bahawalpur, the city with a storied past? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Bahawalpur is home to some of the oldest and most famous attractions in Pakistan, including old fortifications, stunning deserts, and architectural wonders.

With its rich culture, exciting cuisine, and history dating back centuries, there’s something for everyone in Bahawalpur. Let us take you on a tour of some of the top places to visit in this historic city. From its desert gates to its royal palaces, Bahawalpur is full of surprises that you’re sure to love!

Exploring the Famous Monuments of Bahawalpur

Famous Places and Attractions of Bahawalpur: Bahawalpur is a city full of historical significance, and its monuments are a testament to its rich culture. From forts and gates to palaces and tombs, Bahawalpur has it all!

The most well-known monument in the city is the Derawar Fort, which is located roughly 100 km south of Bahawalpur. It was built in 1733 by the Nawab of Bahawalpur State, Amir Sadeq Mohammad Khan I. This historical structure was used as a garrison and was also used to protect valuable possessions like gold and jewelry. The walls of the fort are 30 meters high and 500 meters in circumference, making it an impressive sight!

The next most famous monument is the Lal Suhanra National Park. Originally called Neeli Bar after its blue water, this national park spans over 28,000 hectares and provides sanctuary for over 200 species of flora and fauna. Home to jackals, hyenas, desert cats, flamingos, and more than 56 species of migratory birds from Asia and Europe; this is one spot you don’t want to miss!

Finally, the oldest part of Bahawalpur dates back to 1748 when it took on its current name after Bahawal Khan II. You can explore this ancient city through its five gates – Sarai Darwaza, Khizri Gate near Jamia Masjid, Delhi Gate near High Court Complex, Purani Basti Gate near Tomb Road Chowk, and Tibbi Gate just outside the fort.

Enjoying the Local Cuisine and Culture in Bahawalpur

Taking a trip to Bahawalpur is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the local culture and cuisine. This rich city is home to a diverse array of unique dishes and delicacies, as well as plenty of attractions to explore.

Local cuisine

The food culture of Bahawalpur is quite varied; you can find everything from traditional Punjabi dishes to international favorites. Try out some of the popular local staples, like biryani or sattu—a type of flour made from ground pulses and cereals—or sample some regional specialties like halwa puri, a deep-fried flatbread made with ghee and flour. And if you’re feeling adventurous, don’t forget to try haleem—a thick soup dish made with wheat, lentils, and meat. Yum!

Traditional culture

Beyond its delicious food, Bahawalpur has plenty to offer in terms of history and culture. Visit any one of its historic monuments, such as the Derawar Fort or the Gates of Bahawalpur. Learn about the city’s past when it was known as “Derawar des”, which translates to “Desert of Death” in English. Explore its local bazaars for traditional crafts and souvenirs, or meet locals on their day-to-day activities — you’re sure to come away with an unforgettable experience!

Visiting the Popular Tourist Attractions and Landmarks

Famous Places and Attractions of Bahawalpur: As a tourist visiting Bahawalpur, you’ll want to check out the many exciting attractions and landmarks. From ancient historical monuments to modern places of interest, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city.

Historical monuments

Bahawalpur’s history is truly fascinating, and there are many monuments from various eras waiting to be explored. If you’re up for some time travel, why not start with the Derawar Fort? Built-in 1733 by the former ruler of Bahawalpur, Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan I, this awe-inspiring building is a must-see for any visitor to the city. Then there’s the tomb of Ghulam Qutb Shah – a beautifully ornate structure that’s said to have been built in 1930 by Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan II as a tribute to his grandfather and mentor.

Natural attractions

If it’s nature you’re looking for, Bahawalpur has plenty of outdoor attractions that will take your breath away. There’s Noor Mahal – a grand palace built in 1875 – with expansive grounds that offer stunning views of the Cholistan Desert; or Cholistan National Park – an oasis in the middle of this arid terrain where many rare species can be seen.

But if you prefer to stay closer to home, why not roam around one of the many old gates that were built hundreds of years ago as part of Bahawalpur’s defense system? The Jodh Bai Gate (also known as Kachehri Gate), Guggi Gate and Nau Gumbaz Gate are all still standing today – a testament to the city’s enduring strength and beauty.

Taking in the Magnificent Gates of Bahawalpur

The Gates of Bahawalpur is a must-see when you visit the city. The two main gates, the Delhi Gate and the Lohari Gate were built in the 18th century and are still standing today. Built out of red stone and decorated with intricate carvings, they stand as a reminder of the city’s long history.

The Delhi Gate was once used as an entrance to the city, while the Lohari Gate was originally part of a fortification wall. These impressive structures have stood for centuries and have become some of Bahawalpur’s most iconic landmarks.

The gates are strikingly beautiful, with their intricate carvings and ornate designs that reflect the traditional architecture of the region. The magnificent gates will take your breath away! Also, don’t forget to enjoy a traditional Lahori meal before you leave; it’s something that you’ll never forget!

Relaxing in the Desert Areas Near Bahawalpur

Famous Places and Attractions of Bahawalpur: Taking a trip to Bahawalpur isn’t just about visiting its many famous attractions; it’s also about getting to relax and take it easy in the desert areas around the city. The desert landscapes of the city are full of hidden gems, with plenty of opportunity for relaxing in the sun and wandering through breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes.

The old name for these desert areas surrounding Bahawalpur was “Liamul Multan”, which translates to “the Land of Multan”. This area is home to some beautiful landscape features, such as barren plains, sand dunes, and rocky hills.

The gates of Bahawalpur are not only a great way to enter the city; they’re also a great place to experience some peaceful relaxation in the desert areas. You can take a leisurely stroll through the area and enjoy its quietness and beauty. Along with enjoying views of lush green fields, sand dunes, rocky hills, and barren plains, you can also visit ancient monuments such as mosques, temples, and tombs.

The pleasant climate of Bahawalpur makes it an ideal destination for family outings and romantic getaways alike. So why not take advantage of this opportunity for some restorative relaxation and unwind in nature?

Experiencing the Ancient Languages of Bahawalpur

Famous Places and Attractions of Bahawalpur: Have you ever wanted to take a trip back in time, and hear the ancient languages and dialects spoken by the people of Bahawalpur? Well, now you can! Take a tour of the city to discover an array of cultural sites and attractions that reflect the long history of this fascinating place.

At its core, Bahawalpur consists of three cities that have been connected together, each with its own unique dialect and language. You can explore these ancient languages through traditional art and music, or even have a conversation with the locals.

Nawabshahi Language

The Nawabshahi language is spoken by the nomadic people living in regions around Bahawalpur. It has evolved from older languages such as Pothwari and Shahpuri; over time it has also incorporated words from other local dialects. It has a strong resemblance to Punjabi but it is spoken very differently in terms of pronunciation.

Punjabi Language

Punjabi is another distinct language spoken in Bahawalpur, which has its roots in Hindustani. It is closely related to Punjabi but some words are pronounced differently and there are differences in grammar as well. Its vocabulary includes words from Sanskrit and Persian origins, giving it a unique flavor.

Rohi Language

Rohi is another language spoken in Bahawalpur that evolved from older languages such as Seraiki and Balochi. It uses many words derived from Sindhi, Marwari, and Punjabi, creating an interesting fusion of regional variations which makes it an interesting language to learn about!


So, if you are looking for a unique and exciting holiday experience in Pakistan, we highly recommend the city of Bahawalpur. The city is filled with beautiful mosques, grand palaces, and delightful markets and bazaars. You can explore its colorful history and culture, and sample its delicious food. Take in the breathtaking views of the desert, enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at its gates, and discover its hidden gems. All in all, Bahawalpur is a great destination for tourists.

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