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Instantify is an innovative, free WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create optimized, mobile-friendly websites featuring Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and lightning-fast Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). With this plugin, webmasters can enjoy improved page loads, cutting-edge social media integration, enhanced user experiences, and more. Instantify also provides a range of advanced tools and features that make building and managing websites easier and more efficient.

A Revolutionary Tool to Simplify Web Publishing: Instantly

Instantify is a revolutionary tool that allows webmasters of all levels to easily create, manage and optimize their websites. Instantify makes website building fast, efficient, and more effective by providing advanced functionality that enhances the standard WordPress functionality. With Instantify, webmasters can optimize their websites with PWA, AMP, and Instant Articles to create mobile-friendly websites that are sure to engage and captivate the web’s most discerning audiences.

Optimize & Enhance Standard WordPress Functionality Instantly

Instantify takes WordPress to a whole new level by allowing webmasters to optimize their websites with PWA, AMP, and Instant Articles. Instantify not only enhances standard WordPress functionality but also makes this optimization process fast and easy. Webmasters can quickly convert their websites into lightning-fast PWA applications, as well as create high-performance, engaging AMP and Instant Articles.

Enjoy the Benefits of Progressive Web Apps & Engagement Instantly

Instantify offers webmasters the ability to capitalize on the benefits of Progressive Web Apps (PWA). PWA allows webmasters to create lightweight, efficient websites that feature loading times that are astronomically lower than those of traditional websites. The advantages of PWA are further bolstered by Instantify’s ability to create engaging experiences, even on lower-power devices.

Enjoy Enhanced Page Loads & Seamless Navigation with Google AMP & Instant Articles

Instantify also allows webmasters to improve page loads with AMP and Instant Articles. AMP and Instant Articles are formatted versions of web pages specifically designed for maximum loading speeds. By optimizing their websites with AMP and Instant Articles, webmasters can dramatically reduce their loading times and ensure a seamless navigation experience for their readers.

Effortlessly Convert Your Website into a Mobile App Instantly

With Instantify, webmasters can also effortlessly convert their websites into mobile apps that feature push notifications, social media sharing capabilities, and more. Instantify’s one-click application conversion procedure makes it easy for webmasters to create high-speed, engaging mobile experiences that can be readily distributed in the App Store or via direct links.

Enjoy a Seamless User Experience Across All Platforms with Instantly

Instantify also provides seamless performance across all platforms, ensuring that webmasters’ websites are both accessible and highly optimized, no matter the device. With Instantify’s advanced device compatibility testing tools, webmasters can immediately test and assess their websites’ performance and make necessary changes to ensure consistent performance no matter the device.

Take Advantage of Social Media Integration & Sharing Capabilities Instantly

Instantify also makes it easy for webmasters to integrate their websites with social media channels. Instantify makes it easy for webmasters to connect their websites with many popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, allowing them to quickly and easily share their content and reach a larger, more engaged audience.

Increase Engagement & Boost Traffic with Instant Apps

Webmasters can also utilize Instantify’s advanced engagement and traffic-boosting capabilities to draw more readers to their websites. With Instantify apps, webmasters can enjoy a more efficient and effective flow of visitors, leading to increased readership and better engagement across the board.

Develop Compelling Websites & Exceptional User Experiences Instantly

Instantify is a powerful tool for webmasters who are looking to create compelling and engaging websites. With Instantify, webmasters can create beautiful and functional websites that feature an exceptional user experience no matter the device.

Get Access to a Range of Advanced Tools & Features Instantly

Not only does Instantify provide webmasters with access to an array of advanced tools and features, but it also simplifies the website-building process by providing easy and intuitive options. Webmasters of all levels can use Instantify to create beautiful and functional websites, featuring optimized and high-performance designs.

Create Gorgeous & Secure Launches with Instantify Web Apps

Instantify also makes it easy for webmasters to create gorgeous and secure launches for their websites. With Instantify, webmasters can enjoy easy-to-use and efficient launching procedures.

Connect with and Engage Your Audience Seamlessly with Instantly

Webmasters can also engage and interact with their audiences with Instantify’s advanced audience connection functions. Webmasters can use Instantify to create a space for insightful interactions that keep users engaged, allowing them to quickly and effectively broadcast their website’s messages to their users.

Create High-Speed, Seamless Experiences Across All Platforms Instantly

Instantify helps webmasters create high-speed and seamless experiences across all platforms. With Instantify, webmasters can easily create a consistent user experience no matter the device or platform.

Enhance Performance with Instantify’s Optimized SEO Solutions

Instantify also makes it easy for webmasters to effectively optimize their websites for SEO purposes. Webmasters can use Instantify to improve their website rankings and visibility in search engine results through an array of advanced SEO solutions.

Download Instantly & Unlock the Potential of Your Web Presence

To take advantage of Instantify’s extensive range of features and functionality, webmasters can quickly and easily download it from their WordPress dashboard. Once downloaded, webmasters can begin optimizing their web presence with PWA, AMP, and Instant Articles, allowing them to create engaging, mobile-friendly websites that drive more traffic and captivate their users.


Insanity is an innovative and easy-to-use tool for webmasters of all levels looking to create high-performing and engaging websites. With Instantify, webmasters can take full advantage of PWA, AMP, and Instant Articles to ensure lightning-fast loading speeds, improved engagement, and enhanced user experiences. With powerful tools and features at their fingertips, webmasters can easily optimize their websites for maximum performance and create engaging, mobile-friendly experiences for their readers.

Instantly – PWA & Google AMP & Instant Articles for WordPress Free Download

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